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In January 2022 France mandated that every single technological device must display a label detailing its degree of repairability, with a value from 0-10 (including decimals). 

Why can’t we do the same within the fashion system? Why can’t brands report the approximate life span of the products they produce?

Unfortunately, if they did, the average time  reported on that label would be only one year.

One of the biggest issues at the intersection of fashion and sustainability is the massive underutilization of clothing. Each year, millions of clothes are produced, worn, and thrown away, often after only a few wears. Motivated by the threat of natural resources diminishing and a growing concern among consumers about the environmental impact of their purchases, the industry has identified circular fashion as a potential solution to one of fashion’s most pressing problems.



A circular economy or a closed-loop system is one where materials are endlessly reused and recycled, thus eliminating waste and pollution by limiting the extractive production of virgin raw materials, regenerating natural systems, and decreasing textile waste. Repairs are a vital link to enabling circular systems. Not only does repairing an item extend its longevity, but it also reduces its environmental footprint. 

Unlike resale, rental, and even subscription models which still depend on a level of consumption, repairs offer an alternative to throwaway culture by extending the life of the clothing in our personal wardrobes and our shared closets. As the fashion industry moves towards a more circular economy, brands are offering post-purchase services like cleaning, repairs, tailoring, and restoration as an opportunity to support long-term use and enable customers to wear their clothes longer. That’s what we do here at Zero.  Offering aftercare, post-purchase services has always been a priority for us, that’s why if some of the products you bought on our platform deteriorate or break, Zero’s team is ready to pick up, reset and send them back to you.  Click the button below, we will take care of your product as soon as we can!


Always remember that being conscious of shopping habits and making sustainable purchases is an important part of the sustainability approach. On our platform you can find products that come from different production: some of them are made of circular materials, others derive from upcycling processes. If you want to know more consult or Sustainable Guide

Zerow stands for Zero Waste. We are a community of companies, artisans, designers and people who love sustainable products. We offer a marketplace where you can buy upcycled products and leftovers and a circular network made to connect companies and artisans for transforming waste into products.

Zerow allows you to sell leftover materials (or pre-production waste) such as textile, leather or other secondary raw materials. Also metal accessories, tools, boxes, machines and everything which can be used for production and sell purposes is welcome. Let’s upcycle it!

Possible refunds and exchanges will be processed within 14 working days upon the arrival into our warehouse.

ZEROW has verified the production chain of this product and registered the production details on the EOS public blockchain.

When you notarize a document with blockchain technology, it becomes permanent.
Blockchain technology guarantees the unchangeability of a document. You can discover when a document was notarized thanks to the hashcode

Shipping time and costs depending on the product you are going to purchase especially if it is a product that is made to order.

If you are an artisan or a brand committed to quality, tradition, craftsmanship, and circularity please visit contact us. If you are aligned to our philosophy you will be very welcome to join our marketplace and we will be happy to have you on our side in the fight against waste.

We honor return requests made within 14 days after receiving the original purchase.

Zerow accepts returns of unworn, unwashed, and undamaged items, with no signs of use, for refund. Please note that customized, personalized and exchanged products cannot be returned.

Returns must be packaged in the Zerow box, which must be securely sealed with adhesive tape. In case our box is no longer available, you may use another type of packaging suitable for the shipment of our items.

If the original order was below the 150€ threshold for free shipping the shipping fee will be excluded from the refund. If a partial return brings the total amount paid below 150€, the shipping amount will be deducted from the refund according to your local shipping rate.

It means that there is no stock for that particular product. It will be manufactured only once the order is placed. This helps the reduction of wasted materials and resources. You can find the ‘Crafting time’ in the description of the product.

Click here the link, and download it!

Offering aftercare, post-purchase services has always been a priority for Zerow, that’s why if some of the products you bought on our platform deteriorate or break, Zero’s team is ready to pick up, reset and send them back to you.

It depends on each brand. If you want to know the specific lead time contact us we’ll let you know as soon as we can !

Zerow is part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community.

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