Transmission 60 Leather Pump


Transmission 60

leather pump


Sustainable Feautures

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Additional information

Studio Odes is a sustainable brand born to offer an alternative to luxury shoes with a unique design at an affordable price.
French style and Made in Italy merge in their creations, offering high quality and timeless pieces.
Studio Odes creates comfortable shoes made to be worn all day with a minimalist style and
contemporary design to enhance the true essence of femininity.
Each shoe is conceived as an almost made-to-measure glove.

The production is entirely made in Tuscany. The brand partners with small companies that carry on the tradition of leather crafting, typical of the territory.
The shoes are exclusively made from recovered leather or stock leftover coming from the Tuscan tannery district, which is known to produce only high quality raw material.

Studio Odes sees eco-responsibility as a journey: they try to improve their brand and themselves every day, by setting the goal of becoming a 100% committed brand.


6cm heel
Exterior 100% leather /naplack leather
100% leather / naplack leather covered heels
Lambskin insole
Calf leather outsole
Leathers from Italy
The Transmission 60 pump and all the components are made in Tuscany in family workshops


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